How can I install Transdown on my system?

Right now Transdown is Mac-Only.1 If you have a Mac and want to give it a try, read on.

Minimum Requirements


You need a Mac. Transdown has been tested on OS X 10.10 (Yosemite).2


If you want to be able to preview your Inqscribe transcripts live as you write, You’ll need:

  • A fully-licensed3 copy of Inqscribe
  • Marked2, the app displays a live preview of your Inqscribe transcript as you write.4
  • Node.js, which handles custom-processing the preview. If you don’t have Node installed right now, don’t worry!. I’ll show you how to install it a bit later in this guide

Emotional Temperament

You should install Transdown if you:

  • Feel brave (this software is offered without any warranty)
  • Want to pioneer this
  • Could help by submitting bug reports as new issues when stuff goes awry5

Installation Overview

There are several main parts to installing Transdown for Inqscribe/Marked integration:

  1. Installing Node,
  2. Downloading the Transdown Source Code
  3. Adding the Transdown stylesheet to Marked
  4. Setting up Marked to use Transdown as a custom processor
  5. Verifying everything works by loading a transcript

How To Install Transdown on Mac OS X

  1. If you don’t already have it, install Node.6 There are two basic ways you can do it:
    1. For Developers and the Adventurous: using homebrew7 at the terminal:

      		> brew install node
    2. For Most Folks: Downloading a precompiled package directly from Installing from

  2. Download the latest version of the Transdown source code and remember where you put it.8 You can accomplish this one of three ways:
    1. Download the source files directly as a .ZIP file, which you should unzip.8
    2. Clone the Transdown Repository using the free Github for Mac app.8
    3. Clone the repository at the command line using git:

      # First, navigate to a directory where you want to store
      # the Transdown folder, then
      > git clone
  3. Add the custom stylesheet to Marked.
    1. Open the Marked App
    2. Click the Marked 2 menu, then choose Preferences
    3. Within Preferences, hit the Style button Selecting the Style Button in Marked Preferences
    4. Under Theme -> Custom Styles, Click the + button. Clicking the + button to add a custom style in Marked Preferences
    5. Within your copy of Transdown, navigate to stylesheets -> markedApp -> transdownMarkedPreview.css. Click to select it, then hit the Select button. Selecting the Transdown Marked Preview Stylesheet in Marked
    6. Click “Apply”.
  4. Specify Transdown as a Custom Processor
    1. Open the Marked App (if it’s not already still open)
    2. Click the Marked 2 menu, then choose Preferences
    3. Within Preferences, hit the Advanced Button. Clicking the Advanced Button in Marked Preferences.
    4. Check the “Enable Custom Processor” box
    5. For the value of Path, enter:

    6. For the value of Args, you’ll need to put the full path to your local copy of the rendering script: renderInqscribePreviewinMarked.js. Here’s an easy way to do that.
      1. Use Finder to bring up where you saved Transdown
      2. Within Transdown, navigate to javascripts
      3. Click and drag renderInqscribePreviewinMarked.js from the Finder window directly into the field for Args in Inqscribe Dragging the rendering script into the Args field of Marked Preferences
      4. Click “Apply”
  5. Verifying your installation
    1. Open a transcript in Inqscribe. If you don’t have one ready to go, you can open your Transdown directory and navigate to MarkedAppDemo -> RebeccaWellsFrameShiftEpisode20120406.inqscr.
    2. Open Marked
    3. Click the Inqscribe icon in the window’s title bar and drag it over the Marked icon in the dock. Clicking and dragging the inqscribe icon onto Marked
    4. In Marked, click the Style selector in the lower-left corner of the window. Select TransdownMarkedPreview.
    5. That should do it. If you’re still experiencing difficulties or issues, contact me!

Where can I find out more info?


  1. If you use Windows, Linux, Mac, or TRS-80, then I deeply apologize but my development skills can’t help you just yet. 

  2. If you’re running a Mac, it’s easy to find out which version of OS X you have. Just click the Apple icon all the way in the upper-left hand corner of the screen, and hit About This Mac. And, if you’re running an earlier (non-Yosemite) version, it should be free to upgrade to Yosemite on most modern Macs. Note that in all likelihood, Transdown works just fine on older (pre-Yosemite) versions of Mac OS X. But, I just wanted to be up front that I’ve only tested it on Yosemite. 

  3. You’ll need the full license (as far as I can tell) to be able to save Inqscribe files. And, you need to be able to save files to work best with Marked’s live preview. 

  4. Right now Marked costs $13.99 (USD) and you can either purchase it from the Mac App Store or directly on the web. I can’t say enough good things about it. It’s one of my daily go-to applications 

  5. In all seriousness, submitting bug reports helps me and the community make Transdown better. 

  6. Unless you do web development work on the regular, you probably don’t have Node. But that’s OK! It’s free and open-source. And if you’re curious, the reason you need it is that currently Node helps me handle the inter-app communication between Inqscribe and the live preview in Marked 

  7. If you’re not sure what Homebrew is and you don’t feel comfortable installing it, just install Node from instead 

  8. It’s really important that you remember where you download the Transdown source files because you’ll need that information for a later step, when you tell Marked where to look for your custom processor.  2 3